About Us

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the history of the program?

      The program was started in 2002, under name Long Island Lighting. In 2014 it changed to the New York Rolling Fury.

Who is eligible to play?

In order to play, you MUST be able to push your own chair and to be eligible for play in the NWBA, a player must have an irreversible lower extremity disability, such as paralysis, amputation, radiological evidence of limb shortening, partial to full joint alkalosis or joint replacement, which consistently interferes with functional mobility. Findings such as soft tissue contracture, ligamentous instability, edema or disuse atrophy, or symptoms such as pain or numbness, without other objective findings shall not be considered a permanent lower extremity disability. Directly from the NWBA Rules book 2017-2019.

What are the age group of the kids involved in this program?

Ages 13 and under are included in the “Prep” age group.

Ages 14 (or younger) to 21, (18 and above must still be in high school), are included in the “Varsity” age group. The “Varsity” age group is further divided to “Varsity” and “Junior Varsity” or “NIT”. This is divided by competitiveness.

The good news is that ALL division- Prep, Junior Varsity/ NIT and Varsity, are able to compete in their own National Championship Tournament. These are held generally in the April time frame. 

What are the teams accomplishments over the years?

During this time the club has won 1 National championship, and many Eastern Conference league and tournament titles. This team has produced many college athletes and some have gone on to win College National Titles, played professionally in Europe, become Olympians and World/Olympic Champions.

What is the goal for the teams?

We work hard so our teams have the ability to attend the National Championships. This is providing we have commitment from Parents and Athletes throughout the entire year. So that WE can bring home a National Championship.