Fury Super 6 Prep Team secure’s spot at 2019 National Championship

2018 - 2019 Eastern Prep Conference 2nd Place

After losing all our games last year in the Eastern Conference we are proud to grab and bring home the 2nd place trophy in this year’s 2018 – 2019 season. This past summer we were fortunate to add two new players to our team.  Kennyel Gonzalez and Maximus Wong elevated our game of our last year’s core athletes – Michael Abrams, Sebastian Milan, Adan Persad and Izaac Gonzalez. 

Sebastian, Adan and Max were voted to the 2018-2019 Eastern All Conference Team. 

We attribute this on court success, to rigorous off-season training and team bonding. As a result  this solidified team cohesiveness, during the season. We have seen a continual growth in both individuals and team building from our first game October 27, 2018 to our second placed finish in the Conference finals on February 17, 2018. For this reason we are ranked #10 in the nation, out of approximately 40 teams in the registered with the NWBA prep division.

The culmination of successes this season has led the New York Rolling Fury to an invitation to the NWBA 2019 National Championships held this year in New Lenox, IL.