Fury Rolls into National and capture 7th Spot

Our super 6 did exceptional well at nationals, with the support off all their coaches and parents .

2019 Journey to NWBA Nationals

Our journey began with an early morning flight from LGA to Chicago O’Hare. This was our very first time travelling via air, as a team, so everyone was excited. The security process was expedited with the help of Mr Robert Drake and Mr Rodney Satcher making all relevant and necessary checks  easily and efficiently. We were ushered through as a group to our gate. For this we express our gratitude and heart felt thanks.  
We’ll also like to thank the America Airlines staff for their unparalleled customer service and hospitality , they made us feel welcome by making the boarding process very accommodating.  
Fury Vs Charlotte 
In the first round we avenged our lost to one of the two teams that we lost to this season, the 7th ranked Charlotte Rolling Prep Purple who we  beat by a score of 38-30. Charlotte eventually came away with 9th place.
Fury Vs Bennett Blazers
In the second round we faced the other team that we lost to this season and this year’s eventual National Champion, The Bennett Blazers based out of Baltimore, MD was a tough, hard, played game against Bennett losing by a score of 48-29.
Fury Vs Lakeshore Shark
In round three against the 3rd ranked Lakeshore Sharks based out of Birmingham, AL  the game was close throughout until the end losing by a score of 42-31.
Fury Vs Junior Synergy Bulls 
This put us in the 7th place game where we came out on top against  8th ranked Synergy Jr. Bulls team based out of Chicago, IL winning our final game by a score of 33-27!