Program Benefits

College Camps:

We implore all our athletes to do at least one camp per summer, its a great learning experience.

All 9 Colleges and Universities that currently have wheelchair Basketball programs, have summer camps. We list them on our home page when appropriate. Its a great opportunity for the athlete and parents to visit a college and see if they like what the see, and meet the coaches and players of the team.

Pathway to College:

Currently there are 9 Colleges and Universities that have men teams and 4 that have women teams. All of these teams give scholarships for the right student athletes. Also through State and Federal Programs your child has a very good chance to acquire a FREE college education, we will help guide you through the process as our coach and board of directors prepare your young athletes to play at a college level.

Recent Graduates in College:

Adam Cruz                            (2012)    University of Arizona

Cory Copland                        (2012)   Edinboro University / 2016 – University of Alabama

Christopher Bacon                (2013)  University of Alabama

Carlos Febres-Cordero          (2013)  Univ. of Wisconsin Whitewater

Isaiah Moore                         (2013)   Edinboro University

Fabrizio Shao                        (2013)   University of Arizona